Full Range of springs Supplied By Xulong

Full Range of springs Supplied By Xulong

A spring is an elastic object that stores mechanical energy. There are a variety of spring types available, and the most common way to classify springs is by force or torque needed by the application and the operational conditions. The most common spring types provided by spring manufacturer include:

● Compression spring

By far the most widely used type of spring, compression springs are designed to oppose compression and return to its uncompressed length when the applied force is removed. A compression spring has superior compression spring strength and it is an open-coil helical spring that offers resistance to a compressive force applied axially.

Compression spring stainless steel are used primarily in manufacturing applications, where a variable and opposing force is required between components. For compression springs, we have manufactured them for clients in the filed of military,automotive,outdoor equipment,agriculture,power and gas etc.

● Torsion Spring

A torsion spring is a spring that works by twisting its end along its axis; that is, a flexible elastic object that stores mechanical energy when it is twisted. When it is twisted, it exerts a torque in the opposite direction, proportional to the amount (angle) it is twisted. Torsion springs are very important parts in lots of machinery and equipment.The torsion spring’s wire can be round wire and rectangle wire.

Torsion springs can either have a left-hand or right-hand helix. They are made to give a force and torque when one leg is turned relative the other.

Our helical torsion springs are made in dimensions from 0.08-60 mm and we can select best solution and producing draft your torsion spring.

For closed coiled helical torsion springs there will be a friction between the coils giving a hysteresis in the torque-angle performance.

● Hot roll spring

Hot wound spring, also named hot roll spring, hot coil spring or heavy duty industry spring, lots of descriptions, key point is such springs are coiled in red-hot condition, as its wire diameter is very big.

this large compression springs were made for one of our customers from southeast Asia and used in marine, we have served this customer for several years and got no complaint, no matter quality or service.

The specifications of this springs are as follow:

- Wire diameter:70mm
- Outside diameter:290mm
- Free length:500mm
- Total coil:5
- Ally steel:5
- Surface treatment: black painting

● Spiral spring

Spiral spring is such a kind of spring which usually is made from rectangle steel strip, the most common raw material is spring steel and stainless steel, during producing, spiral springs are wounded into a flat spiral to store energy, and release energy when extended. When spiral springs are installed, one end will be fixed in the center or the edge of parts usually are similar to boxes.


Material Alloy steel 60Si2Mn
Material thickness 5mm
Material width 15mm
Outside diameter 140mm
Direction clockwise
Surface treatment Original
Load type torsion
Style spiral
Usage High voltage switch gear



There is one saying: one can’t make brick with straw. From which, we could say raw material is very important for the a product, high quality materials are used in Xulong to make sure it can meet customer’s high quality requirements. We provide compression spring, torsion spring, tension spring, spiral spring, hot roll spring, or other customized spring.

Being a leading helical compression spring manufacturer in China, we passed TS 16949 certification many years ago and optimized it year by year, for now, the manage system is our powerful tool of high quality springs.

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