How to Compress Heavy Duty Spring?

How to Compress Heavy Duty Spring?

A simple spring can be divided into different kinds of spring, such as torsion springs, spiral spring roll, and others. You may have curiosity on how to compress a spring or to compress the industrial spring. Luckily, you are on the right page! You could know the procedure of compressing heavy duty spring.

What is Heavy Duty Compression Springs?

First, we need to know what it is? Heavy duty compression springs is known as hot roll spring or hot wound spring.
Definition: Heavy duty compression springs is a type of large springs whose dimension ranges between a 3’’to 9.25’’ outer diameter and a 0.218’’ to a 0.938’’ wire diameter.
The heavy duty compression springs are usually be used in wide applications relating high stress and load. This springs are commonly used in oil field equipment, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment, and heavy construction.

How to Compress Heavy Duty Spring

STEP 1: Prestress the Springs

First of all, we need to prestress the spring to ensure the springs are at a stable state, during the compression. If we forget to prestress the springs, the spring would have space to up and down, as a result, the spring turns to distort.

STEP 2: Vertical Placement

Before compression, we need to place the spring vertically. The horizontal placement would causes fitting pin and spring crackle.

STEP 3: Use Diameter Guide or Nominal Diameter Guide Pin

The supporting is the most important part in the compression process. With the method of without spring supporting, a distort is easily caused in the bottom and body of the spring. The distort section is one of the major reason to lead the cracking. Therefore, a nominal diameter guide pins, diameter guides, and other machinery is a necessity in the compression.

STEP 4 : Find a Even Surface

In the condition of uneven surface, the compression would form the distortion, and part of spring occurs the high pressure cracking. Therefore, the compression should be held on flat place.

STEP 5:Compress the Spring to Exceed the Maximum Shrinkage

Compress the hot wound spring out of its maximum shrinkage not over 300000 times.

How to Deal with Compression Springs Failure?

Not every compression are successful. If you are an amateur, you may frequently face the failure in compression spring. Here are some suggestion for problem shooting.

Problem 1: The springs can not push the object to the set position

Problem Shooting:The major reason why it happens is the spring haven’t get the pre compression. To solve this problem, you need to make a heat treatment and set the compression springs again.

Problem 2: After Compression, the Spring Crackles

Problem Shooting: In this problem, you need to throw the spring away, then re-compress the spring. It is because you don’t strictly follow the procedure. Placing uneven surface to compression, Making a horizontal placement both cause the spring crackles.

Does Compressing a Spring Make it Stronger?

Yes, compressing a spring can make it stronger, regardless the types of springs. According to Wikipedia, compression spring is a kind of elastic object that stores mechanical energy. Because of its compression spring characteristics, after completing compression, they will push back harder and harder on whatever is compressing them in an effort to return to their original length.

Where to Buy Heavy Duty Compression Springs

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