How To Prevent The Spring Corrosion

How To Prevent The Spring Corrosion

Springs are used in a wide range of industries because of its characteristics, such a simple manufacturing process, lower price, easy installation. They often run in the harsh environment and corrosion is most common problems that those who use springs may run into.

How Corrosion Affects Springs

No matter you are working with the compression spring torsion spring, extension spring, or hot roll spring, all of them cannot avoid the varying degrees of corrosion. It will not only has bad effect on the appearance, but also reduce the strength of the spring, even lead to the failure of the application.

How To Prevent The Spring Corrosion

● Materials

With the contact with water or other chemicals, the lifespan and the bearing capacity of spring may seriously affected. Moreover, spring also need the protective material if it works in a corrosive environment. For example, nickel alloys is ideal material to make the springs because of its perfect corrosion resistance, but it costs more than other material.

● Coating or Painting

Using plastic coating or painting are effective way to avoid springs from corrosion, but you need to notice that you need to protect before it is damaged. The only drawback of it is that it may be reliable to corrosion underneath the finish.  

● Electroplated Metal

To ensure the maximum corrosion resistance of the spring, it’s crucial to use electroplated metal which is excellent for corrosion resistance. It would be better if we manufacture the spring from carbon steel, wire drawn with a galvanised coating which should be sufficient enough in most circumstances.

● Oxidation Treatment

Springs may suffer from harmful gases when they are working, or some damage may occur with the constant use, which will expand the corrosion fatigue cracks.
After the oxidation treatment, dense oxide film will formed on the surface of the springs. The dense oxide film can not only reduce the fraction effect but also protect the springs from the gases. Moreover thermal conductivity of the oxide film is much lower than that of the hook spring steel wire. The good thermal protection effect is also helpful to avoid the early failure of the hook spring.


Effective measure to avoid corrosion can help to expand the lifespan of the spring, also it also has to do with the quality of the product itself. Xulong spring is one of the stainless steel spring manufacturers in China and we provide all kinds of springs, such as extension springs,truck spring, torsion spring, compression springs, metal spring, etc.