What is the proper application method of Extension springs

What is the proper application method of Extension springs

extension springs often occupies a small market share in the fixed cost of mold shells. Try to reduce the cost of springs. It may cause problems with springs too early, increase maintenance costs, reduce production forces, and make you waste a lot of time and labor costs. It even destroys the mold and produces higher losses.

       Therefore, ensuring that the correct extension springs is applied to each application is nothing more than a smart injection. What can be done to ensure that Extension spring is applied well? Let me introduce to everyone below.

  1. Longevity for proper application Although the extension spring is designed to accommodate larger ground stresses, when the extension spring is working under a larger load, it is not necessary to expect it to enjoy a longer service life.

  2. The key to being included in the overall plan is to clarify the type and total number of springs before constructing the model, and it is a good choice to make the selection of suitable springs part of the overall planning work.

  3. Properly and properly guide maintenance. When the random length of the spring is greater than four times the symmetrical diameter, the spring will deform when it is reduced. To solve this situation, sleeve specifications or sleeve rods, or both can be used to reduce the possibility of spring bumps and deformations.
  4. Let the springs be pre-tensioned by 5% of the springs in the machine and equipment mold by sandbag leggings in advance to avoid unbalanced ground stress and damage to the life of the spring due to the unbalanced load.

  5. Do not arbitrarily drill and grind the inner, diameter or reduce the number of turns of the spring to cooperate with the limit of the mold, which may cause damage to the spring and premature problems.

  6. ​​When the replacement needs to be repaired in groups of three or five, it must be replaced together. It is not necessary to replace only one spring. Because of the different sizes and lengths, the springs of the new and the old will have uneven bearing capacity.

  7. Increase guide hole spring machinery and equipment according to market share. When trimming mold shells, guide holes should be increased according to market share, so that spring energy machinery and equipment are stable and have consistent and symmetrical ground stress.

   8. Multi-faceted maintenance and maintenance. In the natural environment such as high fever, erosion, etc., there should be multi-faceted maintenance, and the extension spring should be replaced at the time interval ordered in advance.