Wide Applications of Compression Springs

Wide Applications of Compression Springs

In the last article, you may fully understand the compressing procedure of the heavy-duty spring. Because of the unique and larger shape of the compression, you may think about what fields they can be used in. Todau, I will give a detailed introduction about compression springs.

What is a Compression Spring?

Before introducing the application this spring, we need to clearly know what it is. A clear impression of compression spring could help you get a further understanding of the applications of compression spring.
Compression springs
Compression spring

Compression spring, also named coil spring, is a spring that contains mechanical energy in the state of the compressed. During the compression process, this coil spring capture and store the significant potential force with the compressed and shorter shape

The Wide Applications of Compression Spring

The compression spring is usually a wire with a fixed diameter. It supplies resistance through the multiple open coils to load pressure. In another word, the compression pushes back against the external. This feature determines compression spring be used in a variety of machines.

Medical Equipment

compression spring wire is one of the important parts of medical equipment. If you disassemble the medical equipment, you could find them where they locate. But, you had better not do this. It is because the medical equipment is too expensive.

Get to the point, the compression spring is used for medical breathing equipment, medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorber, Compression Spring engine valve spring, and so on.

Orbit Traffic Vehicles

The helical compression spring is a key component in the suspension system of rail transit vehicles. When the vehicle is running on the track, it would generate complex vibration phenomena correspondingly.
compression spring for sale
Compression Spring for Sale

Then, the rail would cause the percussion counter-force against the wheel. Under this situation, this spiral coil spring deforms and absorbs the impact kinetic energy of the rail.

The absorbed energy would be converted into the potential energy of the spring, thereby the spring alleviates the impact from the rail.
Because the springs are custom springs, the spring also can be used in cars, trailers, and other vehicles.

Household Items

Expect for public applications, the compression spring also can be used in household items. For an instance, it is commonly used in the door lock. The compression springs play a crucial role in the proper function of the door locks. Most metal lock has built-in spring wire which drives the lock and the key system works.

Office Supplies

The small compression spring kits also is an essential component in your office supplies. You could disassemble your ballpoint pen, you could find the compression spring.
compression spring wire
Compression Spring Wire

The spring makes sure the pen refill could be fluently exposed or tip receded into the housing. You could take it out and try to use the pen without it.


The usage of compression springs is versatile for many fields, from public fields to household items. All in all, the compression spring specification would accordingly change with the different applications.

If your project needs to use compression springs, you could consult your compression spring manufacturers to get your compression spring cad and products.