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what’s the process of order springs here?

Ivery simple,send me requirements of your springs and quantity, i’ll make a quotation to your mail, if ok, let’s do it.

Do you have the spring i want in stock?

Our springs are customized springs, usually there are no springs in stock to suit you unless the regular customer, we usually will make stock for our regular customers due to their “Zero-Stock management”.

What info i should give to order spring here?

A drawing or sample will be great favor for us, or you plz let me know the basic size of your springs including wire diameter,outside diameter,free length,number of coils,free length,spring material and so on.

Can you design a spring for me?

Of course, we’d love to.
In fact,we usually work together with our regular customers during the research and development of their new project, they just show us what springs they want and we’ll handle the spring part.

What’s the main factor to effect spring’s quality?

The top factor is spring material,then the production technical process,there are long stories to tell.

Can you tell the material exactly from my sample spring’s photos?

No,no body can.
Usually we’ll cut piece of the spring material and send out to the analysis of metal composition and will know what material it is.

Didn’t find the answer i want on this FAQ page

No problem, welcome to email us with your any question, we’ll respond within 24 hours.
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