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garage door springs

garage door springs

garage door springs

Garage door spring/overhead door spring/torsion spring

What kind of garage door springs we manufacture?

generally speaking,there are two kinds of garage door springs installed on the top of garage doors, no doubt as a professional spring manufacturer we can make them all, but we make the garage torsion springs (overhead door springs) more as there are more orders of such springs.
more specifically, garage door torsion springs are sorted into Residential garage door springswe named them R springs inside our factory) and Commercial garage door springs(we named them C springs inside),residential garage door springs with small inside diameter usually 1-3/4" while commercial garage door springs own much bigger and multiple inside diameter from 1-3/4" to 6".

Different types of garage door springs we can manufacture
we can make various of customized springs, of course garage door springs included
amply speaking,we make torsion spring and extension spring of garage doors.
for torsion springs, there are commercial door springs and residential door springs we made, also mini-storage spring and rolling steel springs.
for extension springs, also named holmes one-piece springs, there are many sizes of them.

Garage door spring material we use

there are several kinds of steel can be used to make garage door springs,like oil-tempered steel,high carbon steel, and there are many grades of them, but according to our exprience, the most economic steel for garage door springs is carbon steel 82B which is close to music wire, also there are oil tempered alloy steel for higher quality requirements.
we have strict testing processes for incoming, including size,tensile strength,metallography testing.

Surface treatment for our garage door springs

usually there are many options to choose for our garage door springs as below:
  1. powder coating
  2. zinc coating
  3. electro-coating
  4. oil surface treatment
 and we recommend surfacet treatment electro-coating which is economic and great character of rust prevention.

How we make garage door spring

the processes of manufacturing garage door springs are coiling---heat treatment---surface treatment---stenciling-packing

how many Tons of garage door springs we can produce each month

for the time being, we manufacture 500-600 Ton each month and still extra 200 Ton of capability to accommodate more orders.
all of our garage door springs are sold to oversea market,like UAS,Australia,and own high reputation with quality and service.

why we are confident with quality of our springs

we have a huge amount of confidence with our garage door springs.
first of all, we have very good relationship with steel suppliers all of whom are huge and reliable steel factories,such as BAO STEEL,KOBE STEEL,BEKAERT,these famous steel manufacturers supply us high quality steel, and sometimes they can specially smelt a strove of steel acoording to our requirements, for example,the tensile trength of garage door spring raw materail here is usually higher than that required by ASTM, so we just passed on ASTM to our steel supplier and they adjusted their manufacturing data according to ASTM, now all of our garage door spring steel can meet ASTM while lots of our competitors can not get access to such resouces.
secondly,we have been digging in spring field since 1979, as a result,tons of exprience of spring manufacturing is accumulated during decades,sucess and failure all are good lessons.
third,we have more than one hundred colleagues who are passionate with springs, many of them worked in XULONG SPRING for over 25 years, although all of our garage door springs are made with CNC spring machines, QC needed to be done by our exprienced and passionate colleagues.
forth, we have passed TS16949 certificationthat means we have a whole set of proven processes to guarantee our garage door springs’ quality and effectivity, especially when our customer require JIT management, it’s show time of our systerm.